It still feels surreal to be selected as one of the top 4 startups to pitch at IdeaPad in conjunction with the 13th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF). We emerged as 1st runner up!

The 13th edition of WIEF, held in Borneo Convention Centre Kuching on 21 – 23 November 2017, aptly carries the theme ‘Disruptive Change: Impact and Challenges’.

“Change is the only constant in life and we must be bold in facing the future, or we will get left behind. Malaysia is determined to embrace these disruptive changes as the only way forward.”

6th Prime Minister of Malaysia Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri Najib Razak


Our startup mentioned on 13th WIEF mobile app

Below is a screenshot of the article.

13th WIEF Press Release

BAWA Cane on global stage

In light of being selected to pitch at the 13th WIEF, we had the opportunity to meet great minds (just to name a few) like Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple Inc., Camelia Tan Sri Ya’acob, Founder and Envoy Executive of Rootwommers Sdn Bhd, Daniel Sieberg, Author of The Digital Diet and Co-founder of the News Lab Google, Dato’ Abdul Aziz Mat, Principal Consultant of CIVET Technologies Sdn Bhd, and Marc Prensky, Founder and Executive Director of Global Future Education Foundation and Institute during the 13th WIEF.

Thereupon, we learnt a lot from their inputs and feedbacks.

We would not used the words “opportunity of a lifetime” as we feel there bound to be a good chance of another encounter.

Meeting Daniel Sieberg At 13th WIEF

Daniel Sieberg meets BAWA Cane

We continue to work towards providing quality experience in the most effective and efficient manner possible with optimism for the future of the BAWA Cane.

Till then stay tuned.

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