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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life of BAWA Cane?

BAWA Cane is tested to run up to 48 hours continuously per battery charge.

Battery life up to 3 days.

Battery has limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced by a Wangi Lai PLT Authorized Service Provider.

How long does it take to charge BAWA Cane?

BAWA Cane will beep when fully charge. Time varies depending on remaining battery percentage. Typically charged to full from empty within 1 hour.

It is safe to leave BAWA Cane to charge overnight (8 hours or more).

Where can I use BAWA Cane?

BAWA Cane is intended for indoor and outdoor use in the presence of rain, snow, or brief splashes of water.

Is BAWA Cane waterproof?

We do not guarantee that your BAWA Cane will operate normally if you use in water or other liquids as it may be damaged if water enters it.

Is BAWA Cane safe?

Yes. We practice the highest standards of safety as outlined by orientation and mobility specialist, but improper use of cane may impact effectiveness of BAWA Cane. Any communication between BAWA Cane and you is encrypted. We are GDPR compliant.

What are the recommended ages?

Anyone who had undergone or undergoing orientation and mobility training.

There is a learning curve to familiarise with the various alerts and haptic feedbacks from BAWA Cane.

Refer to the product manual for more information or you can always reach out to us for additional support.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, BAWA Cane comes with one-year warranty. All BAWA Cane are extensively tested before leaving our factory.

Will there be updates to BAWA Cane in the future?

Like every other connected product, we constantly innovate and introduce improved version of our firmware that can be updated via the BAWA Cane mobile application over the air.

An app? Which smartphones does it work with?

BAWA Cane mobile application runs on Windows 10 and Android 5.0 or later. iOS 10 or later is in our roadmap. BAWA Cane app uses gestures that blind and visually impaired are already familiar with such as swipes to navigate between controls and double taps to activate a control, all with intuitive voice over.

How to connect BAWA Cane to your phone or PC?

Consult the user manual for the steps needed to pair BAWA Cane to your smartphone or PC.

Where is BAWA Cane manufactured?

BAWA Cane is made in Malaysia. We partnered up with world renowned manufacturers that have proven track record of bringing innovative technologies and exciting content to market, are ISO approved, and operate at the highest level of manufacturing and quality control standards.

Do I have to pay VAT / GST?

From our experience so far, we have discovered that certain countries can and will charge a local tax. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay all local taxes where applicable (including but not limited to sales tax, VAT, GST, duties, etc.).

I’m interested in a being your distributor.

Please drop us an email at info@bawa.tech.

Other ways I can help.

We value all forms of help to get BAWA Cane to full impact. Here’s how you can—lead us to someone who might need BAWA Cane, share the word out, like us on Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter (@getbawacane) and Instagram.

My question is not answered.

Fill up the contact form and we will support you at our soonest.

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