Mobility is a life challenge for the visually impaired. What if technology gives you a reason to get out there and live life to the fullest? The clip-on IoT device powered by big data analytics.
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How BAWA Cane Works?

BAWA Cane features a lightweight sensor cluster to improve obstacle detection and avoidance, a huge support for getting obstacles known to the user. This creates fewer accidents, gets the user to navigate with less time, and empowers the user to get more things done – work, play, socialize.

BAWA Cane, an assistive device for the blind, extends the capabilities of existing white canes being able to detect both above and below knee level obstacle and provides audio feedback.

BAWA Cane empowers every blind and visually impaired with the technologies that revolutionize the way they become mobile, with the hope to increase the access to get to what they want to achieve.

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“A high-tech upgrade to the traditional white cane helps visually impaired people be more confident about navigating around independently.”

Tiong Yong Wei

Professional Masseuse, Fringo Blind Healthcare

“BAWA Cane, a must-have piece of technology for the blind, enhances the lives of visually impaired.”

Karen Chan

Professional Masseuse, Sarawak Society for the Blind (Kuching, Malaysia)

“The BAWA Cane enables independent movement in an urban environment to a point that my friends are jealous when I explore all over Malaysia independently.”

Lim Yew Yi

IT Instructor, St. Nicholas Home for the Blind (Penang, Malaysia)

“BAWA chose a very simple device and made smart in order to revolutionize the life of the person using it.”

Gomathi A/P Supramanian

Computer Braillist, St. Nicholas Home for the Blind (Penang, Malaysia)