A collection of pictures, videos, and graphics presents a profound impression of BAWA Cane.

How to Guide Visually Impaired

Many people are willing to offer their assistance immediately when they see a blind person. For example, a blind person is to cross a busy street, however, sighted people just don't know how to help or where to start. Generally, visually impaired get around just fine,...

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Second Startup Bootcamp Demo Day

It's been a week since we pitched and showcased the BAWA Cane at Second Startup Bootcamp demo day that happened at Bangunan UAB, Georgetown, Penang. To this day, we felt special and honoured to be selected to join this prestiguous program organized by TE4P, powered by...

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Start of Our Journey

Growing up in a small city known as The Cat City; Kuching, Sarawak under the endless care of our beloved grandmother, it was heart-breaking to know that she will lose her sight. Since her forties, our grandmother had high blood pressure which then lead to glaucoma in...

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