A mobility and navigation aid for the blind that provides insights and foresight of the surrounding environment powered by big data analytics which can connect to mobile phones and wearable devices.
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Technology for the blind that provides obstacle detection, both above and below the knee level, and audio feedback.

Mobile App

Deep linked to mobile application for turn by turn voice navigation, transportation services, and emergency alerts to loved ones.

Wearable Device

Seemless integration with existing wearables for easier access to emergency alert button, haptic feedback and heartbeat tracking.

How BAWA Cane Works?

BAWA Cane, an assistive device for the blind, extends the capabilities of existing white canes being able to detect both above and below knee level obstacle and provides audio feedback.

With a smartphone connected via Bluetooth, BAWA Cane provides voice navigation, emergency alert to loved ones, and transportation services when the desired destination is too far on foot.

With an addition of a wearable device, users can have easier access to the emergency alert button, haptic feedback and heartbeat tracking.


“A high-tech upgrade to the traditional white cane helps blind and visually impaired people be more confident about navigating around independently.”
– Tiong Yong Wei

“BAWA Cane, a must-have piece of technology for the blind, enhances the lives of visually impaired.”
– Karen Chan

“BAWA chose a very simple device and made smart in order to revolutionize the life of the person using it.”
– Gomathi A/P Supramanian

“The BAWA Cane enables independent movement in an urban environment.”
– Lim Yew Yi