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The device that enhance existing white canes.

BAWA Cane is lightweight, portable, and powerful enough to detect any obstacles.

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Incredibly versatile and ultralight.

BAWA Cane is meticulously crafted to be a powerful, ultralight mobility and navigation aid – or a beautiful smart IoT cane that can be used on its own.

> 10

hours of battery life

< 350


Connects to Mobile Phones1 and Wearable Devices2.

BAWA Cane is engineered to give you the reliability and safety you need in an assistive device,
with the connection to mobile phones and wearable devices that enhance your overall experience
when moving around with a white cane.

Dare to be aware

BAWA Cane is scrupulously engineered to detect and alert you of above knee level obstacles up to 1.2 meters above the waist, detect and alert you of objects as small as 25.4 millimeters on the ground, and detect and alert you of steps or sudden drops as small as 25.4 millimeters.

Battery level are conveyed to you each time the BAWA Cane is turned on and warnings given when battery level is low.

Sensors are facing upside down? No worries as the BAWA Cane will alert you when its orientation is wrong.

Have you ever dropped your white cane? Well, the BAWA Cane will beep till you pick it up.

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BAWA Cane mobile app

Incredibly mobile

BAWA Cane mobile app ensures you reach your destination safely with voice over navigation. With the intelligent obstacle tracking algorithm to ensure you and others on the platform avoid static obstacles all the time.

With a seemless in-app intergration to taxi services and ride sharing app to get you to your destinations beyond walking distance. As of now, BAWA Cane via the mobile app is integrated with Uber.

In distress or fell into a position you cannot get out by yourself? Your loved ones and medical assistance personnel will be informed of your whereabouts with a click of a button or by voice command3.

Enhance your experience

BAWA Cane band app empowers you with an easier access to the emergency alert button to immediately send SOS signals to your loved ones and medical assistance personnel.

In a busy and noisy environment, you can count on haptic feedback on your wrist.

Everything from launching the BAWA Cane mobile app to hailing a transport using the app can be done seemlessly via voice command3 through the BAWA Cane band app.

BAWA Cane band app
BAWA Cane folded
Ergonomic grip close up

A stunning grip with ergonomics in mind.

With soft, rubber-like padding, the ergonomic grip was designed to be held onto comfortably all day long. And a flatten bottom for easy orientation.

Compare to other electronic canes.

It is easy to switch from other electronic canes to BAWA Cane. Your new BAWA Cane will inform you of remaining battery life, alert you if it is upside down or dropped, and connect to mobile phones as well as wearable devices. And many of the gestures, taps, and swings are similar to what you already know.




Grip: PLA plastic covered with Polyurethane foam

Color: Black or White; Depends on availability

Physical Buttons: Power


286.3mm x 39mm x 80.3mm (11.27″ x 1.53″ x 3.16″); length of cane varies based on user’s height and preference


Starting at 300 grams including existing white cane

Battery life

10 hours of continuous usage with Bluetooth connected

Battery type

Lithium Polymer

Average charge time

Full charge in less than 45 minutes

Detection range

Above knee level obstacles: 1.2 m (3.93′) above the waist level

Obstacles on the ground: Objects as small as 25.4 mm (1″) x 25.4 mm (1″) x 25.4 mm (1″);  1.2m (3.93′) in front of the user (approximately 4 steps in front of user)

Drains or Steps: Steps as small as 25.4 mm (1″); 1.2m (3.93′) in front of the user (approximately 4 steps in front of user)

Mobile application

Currently supports Windows Phone 8.1 and later


Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology


LE Secure Connections pairing model

Operating temperature ranges

-10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)

Water resistance

Water resistant4


Ultrasonic range sensor


Voltage / Battery level sensor

What is in the box?


USB charging cable

Quick Start Guide (English text and Braille)


12-months limited hardware warranty

1 Mobile phones sold separately.

2 Connects to Microsoft Band and Microsoft Band 2. Wearable devices sold separately.

3 Voice command via Cortana only available with Windows Phone 8.1 or later; available in English only.

4 BAWA Cane is dust- and splash-resistant but not waterproof. BAWA Cane is intended for indoor/outdoor use in the presence of rain, snow, or brief splashes of water. BAWA Cane is not intended for swimming and to be used in the shower or tub. The Company does not guarantee that your BAWA Cane will operate normally if you use in water or other liquids as it may be damaged if water enters it.